School Psychology Clinic
Learning, emotional and behavioural disorders
in school-age children and teenagers


Specialised psychological care for school-age children and adolescents suffering from learning, developmental, emotional or behavioural disorders.


+ Learning difficulties

+ Reading, writing and math-related disabilities

+ Behavioural, relation and socialisation problems

+ Attention deficit (with or without hyperactivity)

+ Developmental disorders, autism spectrum

+ Self-harm (cutting, burning...)

+ Insecurity, low self-esteem

+ Isolation, self exclusion

+ Oppositional defiant disorder

+ Violence, aggressiveness, bullying...

+ School anxiety / phobia

+ Fears, school-related 'manias'

+ Truancy, school dropout

+ High potential children


Individual 50-minute sessions with with Ms. Moreno on Mondays from 15:00 to 20:00 in Ixelles.


Please read the terms before making an appointment.