School Psychology Clinic
Learning, emotional and behavioural disorders
in school-age children and teenagers
Fees and payment methods


Individual consultations last 50 minutes and cost €60/session. Family consultations last 75 minutes and cost €90/session.


These honoraries can be paid cash during the consultation or by bank transfer to the account IBAN: BE47 9731 1718 0680  BIC: ARSPBE22. Please mention the name of the child and the date of the consultation in the champ "communication".


If you prefer to pay with a credit card, please give us your e-mail address and we will send to you a payment request via PayPal. In this case the fee will be increased by 4.2% in order to cover the additional transaction costs. It is however not possible to pay with credit card nor with debit card (no Bancontact!) during the consultation.


In all cases, an official receipt will be delivered.


NB: Psychological guidance in the family and school domains is exempted from VAT in Belgium (Art. 44 §2 5º Code de la TVA).

Within certain limits and under certain conditions, the main Belgian "mutuelles" (MC, FMSB, VNZ, Partenamut…) as well as the JSIS/RCAM insurance of EU institutions staff offer a partial reimbursment of psychotherapy costs. Please contact your mutuelle or insurance for more information.