School Psychology Clinic
Learning, emotional and behavioural disorders
in school-age children and teenagers



LOGOS is a Brussels-based School Psychology Clinic specialising in learning, emotional and behavioural disorders in school-age children and teenagers.


Learning difficulties, poor or deteriorating school grades, attention deficit (with or without hyperactivity), behavioural issues, socialisation problems, special educational needs, school dropout, high potential children... are among the most common reasons for consultation with LOGOS clinic.


LOGOS also aims at addressing the specific psycho-educational support needs of expatriate or binational families, whose children are confronted to the added challenges of uprooting and multilinguism.


To schools and other learning centres LOGOS proposes psycho-educational guidance (management of behavioural problems, integration of children with special educational needs, adaptation of curricula...) as well as awareness-raising activities on issues such as bullying, addictions, etc.


Additional services of psychometry, psycho-educational assessment, speech-therapy, learning support and social skills development (socialisation groups) will also be offered in the future.